There goes Grandpa, talking about cursed fate again.

The Tyrant’s Retreat

Today: Fire Emblem Gaiden, Ch. 1: Zofia Castle.

It’s been too long since I fiddled around with colors on a map. Let me fix that as we wrap the first act of Gaiden. The concomitant thematic discussion is incoming, as is at least some mention of the musical score.

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Like being one guy standing alone in front of a room of monsters isn't suspicious, pal.


Today: Fire Emblem Gaiden, Ch. 1: Southern Zofia to the Deliverance Hideout.

My attempt to stretch the tiniest section of Gaiden over as many blog entries as possible continues. There are just so many design choices to nail down at the beginning of this one! Up for discussion this time are world maps and spooky, scary monsters.

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Emblem Wars, Episode I.

The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light: Closing Thoughts

Today: A few final thoughts on The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.

Come on, Malledus, you say. The dragon’s in the ground, the world is saved, Marth’s gone back to Altea, and there’s no more story to overanalyze. Tell us what you really think about the game. Enough analysis and excuses for ’90s gaming. Does it hold the same weight today that it did when it was released?

… The answer, in my view, is after the jump.

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Shadow Eternal; Light Unending

Today: The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Ch. 25.

At last, the finale. We’re about to come face to face with the titular Shadow Dragon. As Marth stares him down, I’ll get a couple points of frustration at SD&BoL‘s mapmaking and general game design off my chest, and then it’s on to the surprisingly elegant conclusion.

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