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Fire Emblem Gaiden

Today: We begin Fire Emblem Gaiden.

First off, we’re taking a brief pit stop to put the game in the context of its publication, or at least what little we know of it. And then I bet you’re just dying to know what a gaiden is, too.

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"OK, sir, we vote you go both ways."

The Starlord Reigns Again

Today: The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Chs. 16–17.

This is it: the part where I tell you the message I think SD&BoL is trying to communicate. I think it requires a little grounding in the structure of the five-act RPG and the course of the third act so far to get there, but then I hope you see what I mean. Because this same message is going to recur in every single Fire Emblem yet to come, and if you miss it you’re missing what I consider the key motif of the series.

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Our attack strategy: mush everyone through the front door together.

The Fire Emblem

Today: The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Ch. 6.

We’re at a moment of huge importance in the story, so it’s time to remember that, oh yeah, this game has a story. First, let’s consider the importance of story to early games. Once I’ve established why it is that SD&BoL‘s isn’t necessarily up to today’s standards, I’ll take a look at what it does give us storywise. And I can’t leave chapter 6 without mentioning the most important thing in it: the first thematic element that I think comes to define the narrative thrust of any Fire Emblem.

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Minna, miteite kure.

Fire Emblem: The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Today: We begin The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.

But first a little positioning in a broader context. The big achievement of Fire Emblem is to make a lot of complex logistical calculations look simple as you ponder high-level questions of tactics and strategy. For this, we have the genius of a small team of truly dedicated professionals to thank.

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